“Play It Again! Music Games Book

Each game is designed to teach and review specific music theory concepts. Games include titles like: “Around the Ivory Keys”, “Pass the Beat”, & “Scaling the Circle of 5ths. This book includes over 100 pages of charts and game card templates for teachers and parents to copy for their students. Also included are lots of ideas to create and organize your own learning games. Easy to read “Learning Charts” make it possible for students of all ages and levels to play and learn together. Available soon for download: $9.95.
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“Ten Times Perfect!” Practice Notes

This little device is guaranteed to make practicing and lesson time more effective & fun for all! The teacher or student chooses a simple goal. If the student plays the phrase or note correctly, then he or she gets to pop the bead from one side of the wire to the other. Kids of all ages never tire of seeing the beads stack up as they practice quality repetitions.
Retail Price: $17.95 Available thru Amazon: $14.95 ea + shipping.

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