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Greetings To All Students and Parents!

Here is where you will find lots of helpful information to make practicing time and lesson time more fun and more effective. There are links to practice tips, there are videos of students, blogs and links to online articles that will give you new ideas and about music and how it helps you grow stronger in mind, body and spirit!

Check out the video posts, or click the Youtube button to see instructional videos as well as videos of students who want to share their musical talents. I am hoping that these videos will inspire you to keep practicing, and keep sharing your music! (Also, if you could take a minute and leave the student some feedback, I am sure they would appreciate it.)

Please use the comments section to ask questions about your lesson, a specific technique, a piece you are learning, or just anthing at all. Just click on the category you think would best fit your question, and the write your question in the comments section. I will do my best to respond with an answer within 24 hours.

Hope this information is helpful to all.

Practice Success Hint of the Day: “You don’t have to play your instrument or sing everyday… only on the days that you eat!” (Dr. Shinichi Suzuki)

Happy Practicing!

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  1. Just wanted to encourage parents and students to use this comment area to ask questions, inform me of their progress, voice any concerns, share with other students about how they absolutely love taking music lessons… or to just say hi… how ya’ doin’?

  2. A note to students… you are welcome to use the new “” facebook page to post any comments, or share any pictures, videos or link about anything musical!
    Happy Practicing!

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