Piano, Voice & Guitar

Music lessons are for everyone.

Music lessons teach us more than just how to play an instrument. They are really “mini lessons” that teach us about life.

“If you really want to know how music lessons will help your child become a happier, more successful adult… just talk to a musician.
He or she will be glad to will tell you that it takes more than talent to learn how to play an instrument.”
– Melody W. Baker, “Music Lessons: What it Takes to Become a Musician” (Blog, March 21, 2013)

Piano Lessons


Guitar Lessons


Voice Lessons

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-Traditional Method (Ages 5 to adult)
-Suzuki Method* (Ages 3 and up)
-Music Instruction for Children and Adults with Special Needs

Sample Beginner Piano Lesson
Student Playing in Sonora Bach Festival 2011

-Folk Guitar (Chords, simple picking patterns, folk songs. Ages 7 to adult)
-Classical Guitar (Suzuki Method, Ages 3 to adult)

Young Classical Guitarist (Longay Guitar Conservatory)
-Beginning voice instruction (all ages)
-Students learn proper breathing techniques, articulation, performance skills
-Recording facilities and PA system available for students during lessons

11 yr. old Student Singing in Talent Show
Audio Recording of Voice Teacher
9 yr. Old Voice Student: "Hold Me"
Voice Lesson: "Joy To The World"
* The Suzuki Method requires that your child to listen to CD recordings to help them internalize beautiful tone and technique naturally. Learning becomes more intuitive as your child’s sense of tone, rhythm and pitch is developed while their ears are still able to hear the subtle nuances that come from hearing performances of skilled artists. Becoming a more sensitive and skilled musician then enhances their ability to become a more sensitive and successful human being.